CAMSO Arrowhead - Teasers

Client Camso

Catégorie(s) 3D

Année 2022

Canadian company CAMSO, the world’s number two designer, manufacturer and distributor of off-road tires, rubber tracks and track systems, asked Big Company to create two 3D teasers.

The first teaser shows a snowmobile modeled entirely in 3D by our teams, whose tracks are trapped in ice. This one is in perfect condition and is not damaged by the cold and even manages to break part of the ice that encloses it.

The second teaser is a montage made in motion design and 3D, which presents the technical characteristics of CAMSO tracks on a snowmobile, through a course in a beautiful snowy setting.

These teasers demonstrate CAMSO’s expertise and quality in the off-road industry, while providing a compelling visual experience for its audience.