Disney US Mickey Mouse Mickey Morning Show

Client Disney US

Catégorie(s) 3D

Année 2020

For DISNEY US, since 2020 we have been producing various 3D content for the “Mickey Morning Show” a serie currtenly airing on Disney Junior.

As an animation and production studio, it is a real consecration to work on a character as iconic as Mickey Mouse for Disney US!
A meeting which took place in the legendary studios of The Walt Disney Company in California in 2019, and which gave rise to many projects thereafter, stay tuned!

For the “Mickey Morning Show” it’s more than 170 clips for about 60 minutes of content produced in a year.
It is also a toolkit which made it possible to produce animations and renderings more quickly in real time! This production mobilized 15 3D animators.

One of those many projects has been the making and production of a music video where Mickey Mouse celebrates breakfast with a “Hey, hey, it’s breakfast!”

Hey Hey it’s Breakfast! Mickey Mornings – Disney