Client Sytral

Catégorie(s) Video | Post-production

As part of the content that we must create to animate the iTCL channel of the Lyon transport network TCL, we have created the section ‘L’ATELIER – THE WORKSHOP’!

For the Atelier, we went to meet artists and craftsmen from Lyon, at their workplace, often in their ‘workshop’ to film their portrait, their creative process, their tools and their worlds …
A text explained their trades and procedures. Over 100 episodes have been shot! Thanks to them !

Broadcast until 2018 on the 1,500 screens of the network, with a number of 700,000 potential spectators per day.

Laure-Marie Couégnias | Artiste peintre

Jacques-André Dupont x Quetzilla | Street artist numérique

Aurélie – Von Gruningen | Restauratrice de tableaux