Mask Singer Miraculous Ladybug

Client Mediawan

Catégorie(s) 3D
Video | Post-production

Année 2024

Premiere: the heroine of TF1 appeared on the sets of Mask Singer. In this show where you have to guess which star is hiding in disguise, Big Company integrated the animated character into sequences.

Miraculous Ladybug was present “in person” on the set of Mask Singer. This new project in Mask Singer was designed by Mediawan, produced by Hervé Hubert group and manufactured by Big Company. This collaboration highlighted the use of advanced technologies to ensure the seamless integration of the character into the program environment.

Ladybug is the heroine of a cartoon. During the show on May 24, the jury and the public were surprised to discover the famous character hidden under the “Perruque” costume. A first in television.

In this project, Big Company led the visual production, ensuring the integration and animation of Miraculous Ladybug into Mask Singer show. Mediawan, Ladybug license holder, played a key role in coordination, while the Hervé Hubert group, an audiovisual production company (Mask Singer, Capital…), provided artistic, logistical and financial support.

Unmasking of “Perruque” (name of the costume Ladybug was in) in Mask Singer’s lair

Interview in the investigations office with Laurent Ruquier

Interview with Ladybug who explains the clues showned throughout the Mask Singer show

Interview with Ladybug who explains her journey in the show Mask Singer