Nintendo Game & Watch Super Mario Bros - World Trailer

Client The Jacks

Catégorie(s) Motion
Video | Post-production

Année 2020

Production of the worldwilde trailer introducing the republication of the Game & Watch, an iconic video game console developed by Nintendo, and released for the 35th anniversary of Super Mario Bros !

To realize this worldwide commercial, we produced the storyboards and the artistic concepts, as well as the motion design, the styling and casting, the color-grading and the 3D modeling of the video-game console. It was translated in 10 languages and broadcasted in the United States, Japan and Europe.

S/O to the Jacks and our little friend Mario for this brillant project !

Producers: The Jacks
Project Manager : Jean-Evan Coppola
Artistic Director, Motion Design & Lead 3D : Malik Benaouda
Storyboard, 3D : Ilyes Sayah
3D Modeling : Brice Roussillon
Director : Pierrick Servais
DOP : Guillaume Chamerat
Electrical director : Florian Gomez
Production assistant : Matis Gaydou
Color-grading: Violaine Garsault
Styling: Isabelle Bouquin-Verdonck
Makeup: Caroline Cazeaud