BIG Facts - The 3D

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Some ‘BIG FACTS’ info, info on 3D known or little known by the general public!

1. The first TV series in 3D

The very first 3D TV series was ReBoot or Megabogue in Quebec, which debuted in September 1994 and included 47 25-minute episodes.
In March 2018, Netflix even shared a 10-episode sequel called ReBoot: The Guardian Code.

BIG FACTS: 1st 3D TV series

2. Virtual Influencer

Virtual influencers are designed using different technologies such as motion capture. For the effect to work, the appearance must be credible but also the personality.

BIG FACTS Virtual influencers in 3D

3. The first 3D animated feature film

The first CGI feature film was Toy Story, made by Pixar in 1995.
With more than $360 million earned, Toy Story is the highest grossing film of this year.

4. Designing human characters in 3D

Creating human characters in 3D with a high degree of realism is a real challenge. That’s why many animated films feature animal or imaginary characters!

5. The first object modeled in 3D

In 1975, a doctoral student at the University of Utah, USA, created the first digital 3D object. The “Utah Teapot”. The exact model of the teapot appears in many animated films as a wink.

BIG Facts - The 3D 1
“The Utah Teapot”

BIG Facts - The 3D 2

The “Melitta” teapot model digitized by Martin Newell.

6. 3D and the laws of physics

The computer graphics are inspired by science and nature to obtain a photorealistic rendering. Mountains must correspond to what geology says, falling objects must respect gravity, and collisions must respect the action-reaction principle.

7. The valley of the strange ?

Impressive from a technical point of view, the cutscenes of Medal of Honor Warfighter have however divided! An ultra-realistic rendering and facial expressions that look… weird. It is this feeling that we define as “disturbing valley”.

The valley of the strange, or the disturbing valley, is the phenomenon which characterizes the feeling of uneasiness or strangeness that one feels in front of robots or synthetic images which strongly resemble human beings